What we’re about

  • Accurate Claims Consulting handles your claim on a 100% contingency basis. you never come out of pocket because Accurate is only paid when your insurance company pays your claim.
  • Our Adjusters are dedicated and hardworking. Each has a Bachelor’s degree at minimum and some are US military veterans.
  • Our Public Adjusters have all worked for major insurance companies like Farmers, State Farm and Allstate to name a few, which equips them with inside knowledge to really know what you are owed for your claim.
  • First class customer service and helping policyholders in need is our passion and what we do best!

Overview of Our Expertise

Accurate Claims Consulting is a group of state licensed public insurance adjusters operating in California, Arizona, Georgia, and Connecticut.  We work for our clients to get them what they deserve from their insurance providers anytime our clients have to make a claim, change policy, or approach a new insurance provider. Unlike an insurance provided adjuster, our only concern is getting you the best possible settlement from your provider. We handle all things insurance, including commercial insurance, residential insurance, and industrial insurance.

The public insurance adjusters at Accurate Claims Consulting are here to fight for what you deserve. We were founded with over 30 years of claims handling experience, and know how to deal with your insurance provider. Our insurance claimer adjusters provide a high attention to detail, fast and friendly service, and we treat our clients like close friends and family. Restoring your life back to the way it was before your insurance claim is our number one goal.

Hate Dealing with Insurance Companies?

Do you hate dealing with your insurance provider? Do you feel like you aren’t getting fairly treated? Are you concerned your insurance claim is being ignored? The public insurance adjusters from Accurate Claims Consulting will take all of your worries away. We are your best option when it comes to dealing with your insurance provider.

Let Us Fight for You!

We have been doing this long enough to know the in’s and out’s of insurance providers, insurance claims, and anything insurance related. From commercial claims with multiple tenants and multiple insurance providers, to residential claims over a spilled glass of red wine, our public insurance adjusters have you covered.

Let us fight for you and get you what you rightfully deserve. You pay your premiums for a reason. Contact our friendly customer support staff at 323-509-4660 for immediate assistance.

PUBLIC ADJUSTERS YOU CAN TRUST.Experience with Insurance Providers